We are providing SAP SAP UI5 with Fiori Online Training by IT experts,SAP Fiori Online Training in USA,Uk,Singapore,Malaysia,Bangalore,Chennai,INDIA..........

We are providing SAP SAP UI5 with Fiori Online Training by IT experts,SAP Fiori Online Training in USA,Uk,Singapore,Malaysia,Bangalore,Chennai,INDIA..........

We are providing SAP SAP UI5 with Fiori Online Training by IT experts,SAP Fiori Online Training in USA,Uk,Singapore,Malaysia,Bangalore,Chennai,INDIA..........

We are providing SAP SAP UI5 with Fiori Online Training by IT experts,SAP Fiori Online Training in USA,Uk,Singapore,Malaysia,Bangalore,Chennai,INDIA..........

We are providing SAP SAP UI5 with Fiori Online Training by IT experts,SAP Fiori Online Training in USA,Uk,Singapore,Malaysia,Bangalore,Chennai,INDIA..........

We are providing SAP SAP UI5 with Fiori Online Training by IT experts,SAP Fiori Online Training in USA,Uk,Singapore,Malaysia,Bangalore,Chennai,INDIA..........

We are providing SAP SAP UI5 with Fiori Online Training by IT experts,SAP Fiori Online Training in USA,Uk,Singapore,Malaysia,Bangalore,Chennai,INDIA..........

We are providing SAP SAP UI5 with Fiori Online Training by IT experts,SAP Fiori Online Training in USA,Uk,Singapore,Malaysia,Bangalore,Chennai,INDIA..........

We are providing SAP SAP UI5 with Fiori Online Training by IT experts,SAP Fiori Online Training in USA,Uk,Singapore,Malaysia,Bangalore,Chennai,INDIA..........

We are providing SAP SAP UI5 with Fiori Online Training by IT experts,SAP Fiori Online Training in USA,Uk,Singapore,Malaysia,Bangalore,Chennai,INDIA..........

We are providing SAP SAP UI5 with Fiori Online Training by IT experts,SAP Fiori Online Training in USA,Uk,Singapore,Malaysia,Bangalore,Chennai,INDIA..........

We are providing SAP SAP UI5 with Fiori Online Training by IT experts,SAP Fiori Online Training in USA,Uk,Singapore,Malaysia,Bangalore,Chennai,INDIA..........
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O Data in SAP Solutions

Introduction to OData Service Creation

Service Creation Process Overview

SAP NetWeaver Gateway Toolset

SAP NetWeaver Gateway Service Builder

Beyond the Service Builder: Supporting Tools during the Service Creation Process

Steps in the Service Creation Process

Data Model Definition in the Service Builder

Service Registration in the SAP Business Suite System

Service Implementation Service

Maintenance The OData Channel

Development Paradigm

Model Provider Class

Data Provider Class and Data Provider Extension Class

Service Development

Data Model Definition

Creating a Project

Creating the Data Model

Service Registration in the SAP Business Suite System

Service Stub Generation Service Maintenance Incremental

Service Implementation and Model Enhancement


Single Read (GET ENTITY)

Query Options

Navigation Properties

CRUD Methods

Service Generation

Generation via RFC/BOR Interface

Data Model Definition

Service Registration: Stub Creation

Service Maintenance, Service Implementation

Model Composition: Include Gateway Service

Implementing Complex Entities.

SAP UI5 In Detail

SAP Resources

SAPUI5 Controls SAPUI5 SAP Theming

SAPUI5 - Data Binding Model

JSON Model XML Model, Resource Model, OData Model

SAPUI5 - Binding Options

SAPUI5 - Multilingual Applications

SAPUI5 Data Typing

SAPUI5 - Integers, Floating-Point Numbers

SAPUI5 - String, Boolean Variable Data and time, Formatter Classes SAPUI5 - User types

SAPUI5 - Layout Adaption via own CSS

SAPUI5 -Theme Designer

SAPUI5 - Communication with the SAP Backend

SAPUI5 Control

SAPUI5 -API Reference

SAPUI5 - Common Controls

SAPUI5 - UX3 Controls

SAPUI5 -Table Control

Overview of Charts

Controls for Mobile Applications Suite Controls

SAPUI5 - User Defined Controls SAPUI5 - Development Scenario SAPUI5 - Ul Design

SAPUI5 - Implementation


SAP Fiori Online Course Content

SAP Fiori

    What is SAP Fiori
    Topics to be covered in this course
    Practical example

SAP Fiori Overview
    Overview of SAP Fiori Solution
    Introduction to SAP Fiori Apss (Employee & Manager)
    SAP UX strategy related to SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori Architecture and Technology
    App types and Architecture structure
    Hardware and Software requirement
    Role of SAP UI5

Deployment options of SAP Netweaver Gateway
    Introduction to REST
    Introduction to OData
    OData query options
    Data modeling basics

Creating OData Services with SAP NW Gateway
    Modeling and implementing OData services manually
    BOR/RFC Generator
    Redefining services
    Service composition
    Registering and testing a service

SAP NW Gateway - Miscellaneous topics
    Support of multiple backend systems
    Routing capability
    Multi Origin composition
    Installation and Configuration
    Configuration overview of Transnational, Factsheet and Analytic apps
    Installation overview and task configure transnational theme designer

SAP Fiori Launchpad

    Launcpad Overview
    Launchpad configuration
    Launchpad functions

Theme Designer

SAP Fiori Security

Fiori end to end data flow

Fiori Extension
    Extensibility overview (Concept, Skills, Tools)
    OData extensibility (Taskflow and SAP NW Gateway)
    UI extensibility (Tools, methods, concepts)
Whatch Demo By Mr.Surya
Whatch Day 1 Class By Mr.Surya
SAP Fiori Over View

SAP Fiori is a collection of apps that represent the new SAP user experience paradigm. These apps speak a consistent design
language and make use of a common technical infrastructure. By blurring traditional computing boundaries and by using interactive and
attractive UI elements, they provide a consistent end-to-end user experience and can be used across all device types without creating
additional implementation effort.SAP Fiori is a collection of apps that represents the new SAP user experience paradigm. SAP Fiori
offers various business roles a simple, easy-to-use experience for SAP software functions, and works seamlessly on desktop, tablet, or

Why SAP Fiori?

Because your employees expect a consumer-grade user experience. Business applications should be intuitive, personalised, and tuned
to the way users actually work and our next-generation SAP Fiori user experience has been recognised for design excellence. With the
SAP Fiori UX, you can:

Improve user productivity by simplifying and automating day-to-day tasks across any device

Boost user adoption with an appealing UX design tailored to key tasks and activities

Increase compliance and data quality by making it easier to enter information into your system of record

Reduce training and support costs with simple, role-based screens that speed ramp-up and minimise user errors

Easily extend or build customised SAP Fiori apps with SAP developer tools and technology

SAP UI5 Over View :

UI5 is a JavaScript UI library that consist of a feature-rich core & a really large amount of UI controls that are organized in handful of libraries. SAPUI5 is the series of core as well as functionally focused libraries having a runtime environment. By “feature-rich” it means the stuff like models and data binding for the different data sources, an effectual engine for creating & updating the HTML of controls, support for the Model-View-Controller concept, support for the declarative UI construction as well as HTML templates, automatic loading of appropriate language resources and several other features along these lines. The controls range from the simple Button controls to the complex ones such as the SAP.M.Split-Container (having a responsive master-detail behavior as well as an animated page navigation) and offer support for accessibility, touch interaction, keyboard navigation, right-to- left languages etcetera out of the box. Several diverse visual themes are available & can be adapted by either transforming the CSS or using Theme Designer (a WYSIWYG tool, that is currently not released as yet Open Source, though [but special free version for the users of Open SAP UI5 will be offered]).

SAP is making use of this UI library for the business applications, where the standards like security as well as supportability are vital, so the protection against the cross-site scripting & other attacks and powerful error analysis/inspection tools are integrated. And certainly SAP is investing very much into automated & manual tests, from screenshot comparisons to unit tests.

SAP UI5 is based on jQuery that of course can be used directly in UI5 apps, but there is very much on top of it, thus most of the time user might rather find himself working with the controls. Several other Open-Source libraries are used in SAP UI5 & come bundled with it, for example- LESS, the famous dataJS, the OData library or CSS processor.

“SAP UI5” is the version which can only be used by the SAP customers with a certain type of license. (It is still free for the users, but they’ve to pay for other SAP products.) Most importantly, the good news is, the entire core of the “OpenUI5” & “SAPUI5” (containing all essential functionality) is similar. The most-commonly used controller libraries, containing the huge majority of all the existing controls, are same. All of these can now be free to use, when using OpenUI5.

SAP UI5 comes with the support agreements, so SAP ensures the bug fixing. These support guarantees are obviously not coming with the free Open Source UI5 version. But still, it’s not a fork or so: Open UI5 also gets bug fixes done for SAPUI5. It is the similar thing, just a subsection. A big one.The apps that are built with SAPUI5 are those apps which run in any browser. They’re completely based on CSS, JavaScript and HTML5 based. Whenever you entreat an application, app itself is downloaded to the browser, together with SAPUI5 runtime. The applications that is developed by the help of SAP UI5 is compatible with many OS.

Now a day’s SAP Suggests to develop SAP UI5 Application because it is very responsive for web development. SAP UI5 Up dates are regular. SAP is now investing and putting more efforts to expending and developing SAP UI5. Now with extra security it works well with Kapsel/SMP in offline mode for mobile scenarios. When we compare previous UI Technologies like Web Dynpro, which means applications can run on Smartphone’s, Tablets and Desktops, It is very easy to Develop or Built Neat weaver and OData services in SAP UI5 Technology.

SAP UI5 Training Prerequisties :

Basic understanding of JavaScript and HTML

What is SAPUI5?
A. Just like any other HTML5 client-side rendering library SAPUI5 is also one. SAPUI5 strictly follows RIA (Rich Internet Application) standards. It is based on JavaScript which provides a lightweight programming model for desktop as well as mobile applications.

What is the difference between HTML5 and SAP UI5?
A. HTML5 is a markup language, It doesn’t have programming capabilities but SAP UI5 is a framework which is based on MVC approach to build web applications. HTML5 is mainly for the purpose of creating simple webpage without formatting and logic but UI5 provides standard style and components to build rich UIs.

What is MVC?
A. MVC stands for model view controller; it’s an architecture to design UI based applications to achieve maximum reusability and extensibility of the application for future changes. Model is the representation of data in form of object, View defines the UI and Controller contains all the logic to drive as well connects view with model.

A. As HTML5 world is the new age front technology across all aspect of internet applications SAP was kind of trailing in this age because SAP was using age old WebDynpro for building SAP Web Applications which lacks in rich and user friendly UI. SAP identified this and came up with its own custom HTML5 library i.e. SAPUI5.

What is required to start UI5 development in eclipse?
A. We need to import SAP UI5 toolkit from hana service marketplace. Also we need SAP UI5 ABAP Repository connector to deploy project in ABAP System.

Which control libraries are used for UI5 application development?
A. sap.ui.commons, sap.ui.table and sap.suite.ui libraries for desktop application development and sap.m library along with sap.ui.layout for Fiori application development.

What is the syntax to define a control in UI5?
A. var obj_name = new sap.m.ControlName(“id of control”,{ properties, events, aggregations });

Explain Navigation concept in SAPUI5.
A. SAPUI5 uses two mechanism for navigation in applications those are EventBus and Routing where latter supersedes since SAPUI5 1.16. sap.ui.core.routing is the class used for the routing.
We define routing in components metadata in “routing” key. It is composed of route object and hash changer object. Route object defines the navigation paths and hash changer will be used at runtime to change the hash which leads to navigation.

What is Responsive Web Design?
A. A web application which gives same look and feel to the user in desktops and mobile devices.

What is Component?
A. Component or Component.js is the first point of our application or we can say by that it serves as index which encapsulates all our applications details i.e. view names, routing details, main view, applications type(Full Screen or SplitApp), application service configuration etc..
What are the types of Components?
A. There are two types of components:
Faceless components: Mainly without UIs, Used for business logic and helper methods e.g. Formatters.
UI Component: typically component.js file which is made by extending sap.ui.core.UIComponent class.

When and How to use formatter in SAPUI5?
A.  We need to use formatter when we need to perform some changes on the back end property data on the front end.
we can use formatter while data  binding to a property like as follows:
oControl = new sap.ui.commons.TextField({
value : {path : “/path”, formatter : function(oEvent){
return “Value:”+oEvent;

What all types of data models available in SAPUI5?
A. As SAPUI5 follows MVC(Model-View-Controller) there model plays crucial role in the framwork. SAPUI5 has following predefined four data models available:
1. JSON Model - Client-side model, supports two way binding.
2. XML Model - Client-side model and intended for small data sets this is very rarely used model.
3. Resource Model - This is also client side model used to maintain resource bundles, specially texts.
4. ODATA Model - This is most important model of the four provided. This is server side model, supports two way binding ODATA model currently supports ODATA version 2.0.

What all types of views are available in SAPUI5?
A. There are following predefined three types of view available in SAPUI5:
1. JSON view
2. XML View
3. JavaScript View(JS View)
4. HTML View

What are the Lifecycle/hook methods of SAPUI5 views controller?
A. There 4 four Lifecycle methods available in every SAPUI5 views controller. These are onInit(), onExit(), onAfterRendering(), onBeforeRendering(). onInit is called when a view is instantiated and its controls (if available) have already been created; onExit is called when the view is destroyed; used to free resources and finalize activities; onAfterRendering when the view has been rendered and, therefore, its HTML is part of the document; onBeforeRendering is called before the controller view is re-rendered and not before the first rendering.

Can we add our own controls to UI5?
A. Yes, we can add custom controls by creating definition of it from scratch. To define a custom control we use sap.ui.control.extend and to enhance a standard SAP ui 5 control we use sap.ui.commons.controlname.extend.

What is the main difference between OData Model and JSON Model?
A. The JSON model is a client-side model and, therefore, intended for small datasets, which are completely available on the client.The OData model is a server-side model: the dataset is only available on the server and the client only knows the currently visible rows and fields.

What are SAPUI5 Fragments?
A. Fragments are very light weight UI controls and part of another UI. Fragments are not completely like views but they act like a view. Fragments are defined similar like views and are names like “myFragment.fragment.xml“.

Does Fragment have its own controller?
A. Fragments are created without controllers, they don’t have their own controllers they share controller of the view which is invoking it.

In how many ways you can bind data to your controls?
A. We can bind data to any controls using three methods, Property, Element and Aggregation binding.

What is SAPUI5 Bootstrapping?
A. SAPUI5 Bootstrapping means loading and initializing SAPUI5 in any HTML page. The most important library or resource loaded in SAPUI5 bootstrap is “sap-ui-core.js”. Apart from this theme for the application, SAPUI5 libraries etc are declared in the bootstrapping

What is Metadata Annotations?
A. The service metadata document describes the structure of all resources in the service. This structural metadata makes it easy to understand a service. We can explore service metadata at the address “$metadata” relative to the service root.

What are common Metadata Annotations?
A. Following are some of the service metadata annotations which are common and a front end developer must know these in order to understand the service and integrate it:

What is SAP Fiori?
A. SAPUI5 is client side HTML5 rendering framework or library and SAP FIORI is collection of and released as waves of applications which are completely based on SAPUI5 framework. It means we can create applications using SAPUI5 framework and SAP FIORI is final product i.e. application.

What are all the types of Fiori Apps ?
A. There are 3 types of apps Transactional, Analytical, Fact Sheets.

Difference between SAP UI5 and SAP FIORI?
A. SAP FIORI is collection of standard applications based on SAPUI5 library provided by SAP. SAP FIORI applications share some standard design guidelines and way in which these application are developed.

What is FIORI Launchpad and Explain it?
A. As we know there are more than 500 FIORI applications, SAP has provided a Shell or single point place from where we can access the all the applications. This serves as a home page for all the FIORI applications provided to. This shows tile based UI where every UI redirects to assigned FIORI application. This Launchpad is fully customizable according to your needs like theming and all.

How can you get to know that device is Touch Screen or not?
A. SAPUI5 library provides a special API “sap.ui.Device“which can be used to for device and its feature detection. This API has a flag “sap.ui.Device.touch” which returns true if device is a touch screen otherwise false.

How can you get the web browser of the client on which SAP Fiori application is running?
A. SAPUI5 library provides a special API “sap.ui.Device“which can be used to for device and its feature detection. This API provides flags like “chrome”, “firefox”, “mozilla”, “edge” etc. in “sap.ui.Device.browser” API which returns boolean values.

What are Fiori Design Principles?
A. There are 5 design principles we need to keep in mind while designing SAP Fiori applications. Role-Based, Delightful, Simple, Responsive and Coherent.

SAP UI5 and Fiori Interview Questions and Answers